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  Wound care    
         Skin Friendly, User Friendly!  

KM Healthcare's wound care products are made of
high functional fabrics and manufactured in the clean
room facility which meets the international standards
for medical devices such as ISO 13485 and ISO 14644.
         KM Care(Sterile dressing bandages) & KM Skinpore(Roll bandages)
KM Healthcare's water repellent bandages and high absorbent pads keep clean around the wounded part.
Furthermore, excellent stretch of bandage make them adequate to apply to contour or swelling parts of the body.
- Hypo-allergenic
- Water repellent
- Breathable
- High level of adhesion but soft removal

        KM Surgical Tape
  KM Surgical tapes are made of hypoallergenic and microporous nonwoven. And they have a medium level of
adhesion. Therefore, they can help patients maintain skin integrity and they are suitable for sensitive and weak skin.
- Gentle to skin
- Microporous substrates
- Hypo-allergenic
- Easy-tear